• The Sustainable Approach
    The Sustainable Approach
    A journey into the world of réemployment.
    The furniture in our rooms and common areas comes from Metropolitan Recycling Centers or from regional flea markets (except for the bedding, which is new). The Salvation Army Foundation's Ateliers et Chantiers d'Insertion (ACI) carpenter's workshop was able to restore the furniture that had been found everywhere....
  • L'exposition permanente
    Exhibitions : A journey to the land of BRUT ART
    The Grand Barnum is thus intended to be a sort of living, permanent museum of Art Brut, with visits open to all.
    The corridors and all the common areas of the hotel are filled with works by the artists of the Association la Sauce Singulière with which we are associated.
    The Cave: you can also discover "the Cave", an intimate exhibition space for the works of Marcel Vinsart.
    La Sauce Singulière is based in Les Grandes Voisines to :  
    Allow artists' residencies
    Set up its offices, which are the original home of the BHN: Biennale Hors Normes, which takes place every two years throughout the Lyon metropolitan area
    Create an art library dedicated to Art Brut works
    To create mixed workshops between singular artists and residents of the site, inhabitants of the territory...
    To create a new place of work and open experimentation
  • Our Team
    Our Team
    Find out more about the team behind this unique accommodation.
  • Photo
    In the heart of the Third Place
    The Grand Barnum is deployed in the heart of the Tiers Lieu "Les Grandes Voisines".
  • Le Salon Bar
    The Bar Room
     A vintage counter, carefully designed lighting, a terrace for admiring the view, comfortable sofas, all designed to allow you to relax or work in peace with your favourite drink.
  • Integration
    Integration, a human adventure at the heart of the project
  • Réunion générale des salariés de Lyon 2021
    Our history
    A few words about The Salvation Army
    The Salvation Army was founded in 1865 by William Booth in 19th-century industrial England. Its vocation is to meet the physical, social and spiritual needs of people in distress.