L'insertion au cour de votre séjour

Integration at the heart of the project

Le Grand Barnum is above all a human adventure

Le Grand Barnum is a social integration enterprise that trains people from socially or professionally disadvantaged backgrounds in the hotel business. It is the second hotel of its kind in France.

This new activity of the Salvation Army Foundation has created 6 full-time jobs on integration contracts. The aim is to diversify the range of professional activities on offer to encourage people to find sustainable employment in jobs that are in short supply in the region. The new positions created will help to professionalize the hotel and catering trades.

It complements the other activities already set up by the Foundation: the laundry (on the Grandes Voisines site, which processes all the hotel's flat linen), the social grocery store, premises maintenance and hygiene, the recycling center and solidarity stores, logistics and collective catering. Between the existing activities and the diversification brought about by this project, there are numerous outlets for employment at the end of a path of integration within the Foundation's SIAE structures (structures d'insertion par l'activité économique): jobs in waste sorting and recovery, logistics and transport, sales, the cleaning sector and the hotel-restaurant industry.