The Third place

Accommodation at the heart of a third-location facility

For a holiday like no other

The Grand Barnum is located at the heart of the "Grandes Voisines" third-location project.

The "Les Grandes Voisines" project involves the temporary occupation, for a renewable 3-year period, of a hospital site belonging to the Hospices Civils de Lyon.

The purpose of this occupation is to develop various types of activities:

  • Accommodation for 475 people in very precarious situations.
  • Integration through economic activity, to support the operation of the site and create a hotel as an integration enterprise.
  • Cultural, sporting and educational activities to meet local needs.
  • 32 diversified project promoters on the ground floor.

We chose this name because the site embodies the notion of neighborhood between :

  • Housing and social integration, culture, popular education and sports activities.
  • The Prefecture, the DDCS, the DIRECCTE, the Metropolis, the Region, the towns of Craponne and Francheville and their residents,
  • Le Foyer Notre-Dame des Sans-Abri and La Fondation de l'Armée du Salut

Because neighborliness implies cohabitation, coexistence and mutual understanding, and this strengthens the cohesion of our society.

Because we believe in a mixed neighborhood where people meet to foster understanding, solidarity and mutual aid.

Its location in the heart of Les Grandes Voisines means that Le Grand Barnum's travelers can take advantage of community facilities and cultural events (Musée d'Art Hors Normes, concert hall, solidarity catering, mixed activities, local craftsmen, etc.).